Before You Go

by Forrest.

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Forrest is Jordan Dibble, Mark Staddon, Dan Thorne, Ryan Heatman
Recorded, engineered and produced by David Grey throughout October 2011.
Mixed and mastered by David Grey
All songs written and performed by Forrest
Additional vocals on "Hope" by Tom Sanders of Pipedream
Artwork by William Exley


released April 7, 2012

Thank you to Gavin Pryce, William Exley, Jack Taylor, David Grey, Tom Sanders, Bethan Morgan, Iano Kelly & Sean Reid, Daisy & The Winter Passing, Dividers, Pipedream, Loose Cannons, Time Spent, Coppola, Starters, Ten Speed Bicycle, Our Time Down Here, Home Advantage, What We Should Be Doing, Sean at Youth Camp Records, GWB Records, STHC Cardiff, Already Heard and anyone that ever lent us gear, got us a show, bought merch, drove us somewhere, or helped us out in any way.



all rights reserved


Forrest. Neath, UK

South Wales, Alternative Rock.

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Track Name: Nothing More To Say
Every time I try to call. you never, pick up your phone
I'm trying to argue but this is the end.
Funny how you still think that we're friends
You ask me for one more night.
I'm standing my ground and i'm saying goodbye.
Because I only ask questions.
Please could you give me an answer
Track Name: September
This is it, your swaying my intentions
I set out to be, protected from what you do to me
I'm battered and broken in one million pieces
I cant forget, but I can ignore
Again and again, your manipulating the fact
That you know that I care I'm on my back
Convinced for a second that I want you back in my life
Walk away and take your lies
Turn yourself around this is my ground
Track Name: Hope
It's been a while, since I last cried
It's a part of life, to live and to die
You said that this was the end
Part of me just feels dead
Its nice to see that smile again
I'm wearing mine just to pretend
That I'm still fine when i cant cope
But still we should, should have hope
Track Name: Five To Nine
It starts off well you said you'd stick this to the end, I am the only one still doing this? I've always been there to listen to you moan. And now I'm left here standing on my own, And now I feel like I need you more, and now you're gone I'm all alone. Before you go I want you to know. I'll hate you more than you'll ever know.
Track Name: Hearts And Minds
I know, It's not that simple
To find that, special someone but you
Your all I know your all I hate
Stop talking to me
I'm trying to get through today
You were, my headache my mistake
I regret going to that place
And now you want me back, but It's too late
And when I see your face it tears me apart
Knowing it was never me right from the start
I was happy by your side
Enjoying the things we had in life
I was happy
Track Name: Forget
These times are probably the last chance
We'll ever have, to put things right and settle down
Everyone's fighting, when I just stand and stare
I'm sick of this
Can we just get on with this
I feel empty and it's your fault
Forget the past
You should move on from where you came from